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In June, 2010, Children First Griswold was awarded a two-year grant of $25,000/year from the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund (WCGMF) and the CT Department of Education to develop a comprehensive plan that would prepare Griswold’s youngest children, ages 0 – 8, for success in school and in life.  The requirements of the grant were that

  • there be broad-based community engagement in the planning process;
  • the strategies and actions outlined in the plan be based on concrete data; and
  • the planning process follow the basic format and principles of Results Based Accountability, which has a focus on results, data and accountability.

The Graustein Memorial Fund works collaboratively to improve education for Connecticut’s children and are funding Children First Griswold as part of their Discovery Initiative. We are one of only 50 communities in Connecticut to be part of the initiative, which not only funds our planning process, but offers many training sessions and community and professional development opportunities.   With this support, we continue to develop a robust Community Plan to serve as a guiding document to achieve a result that “All Griswold’s children are healthy, prepared and successful lifetime learners.” 

On April 30th, we submitted our application for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, in which we requested funding to continue the development of our Community Plan.

2013 Option 2a Application-Griswold Final

Community Assessment Final

Core Funding Requirements Narrative-Category I

Section D-Sustainability Narrative

Griswold Option 2a Discovery 2013 Budget Form

Section E-Griswold Budget Narrative 2013